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The Float mobiles were made using an improvised home-made industrial machine. The mobiles
are comprised of balanced sets of weights, made of colored threads, which hover around the
room and add an optimistic element to the room’s sky scape. This project was commissioned
for the “How To”
exhibition (curated by Liora Rosin and Nitsan Debbi) that was held in Beijing,
China. The participants in the exhibition got a YouTube “How To” video to use as a starting point
for their project. We were given the inspirational “How to make cotton candy” video, in which a
woman stands in her kitchen and improvises tools and techniques for making cotton candy, while
showing the fun and joy of this process as she coils sugar threads into colorful fluffy sweets.

The Float mobiles are our own cotton-candies.

At the end of the process each maker had to make hisown youtube "how to" moviemovie and
upload it for the world to see.

year: 2012
production: reddish studio

materials: cotton thread, steel
size: various

Our "how to make a float mobile" movie. Giving back to the youtube community

The original inspiration cotton candy movie





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